Indeed no path to the mind is as open for instruction as the sense of hearing. Thus, when rhythms and modes reach an intellect through the ears, they doubtless affect and reshape that mind according to their particular character.

Anicius Severinus Boethius, De Institutione Musica


Férdia combines performance, research and teaching. She thereby aims to explore the many facets of musical experience, including the intellectual and the physical.

Férdia gained a doctorate, entitled Musical Meaning and the Resonance of the Material, from the University of Cambridge (funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Board). Whilst completing this she undertook a Masters in Music Performance at Trinity College of Music, London, for which she was awarded a scholarship. Here she specialised in recorder within the early music faculty.

Férdia has been awarded a younger scholar grant to attend the triennial C.S.Lewis conference in Summer 2008.